Last Will And Testament

A good Last Will and Testament Attorney will help you in making a Will that fits exactly what you request. A Last Will and Testament, is a document that directs to whom or to where your assets are to go at the time of your death. Assets can be anything from money, real estate, personal belongings, cars, any investments you may have made and more. These assets can be left to anyone you name in your Last Will.

Legal Help With Your Will 

A Last Will and Testament can also contain other directives such as burial and naming a personal representative to your will. This person sometimes called an executor, would ensure that your will is carried out.

Making sure the right St Petersburg Last Will and Testament Attorney is looking out for you. There are a lot of options when it comes to Legal forms. Online and local options sometimes seem to be the easy way to go, but have many drawbacks. Make sure to consult with an Attorney with Last Will and Testament expertise. The Law when it comes to execution of a will are strict. Having a Lawyer set it up for you correctly may save you money and time in the long run.

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Who Needs A Last Will 

It is our belief that Everyone should have a Last Will and Testament in place .
Doing so gives a directive to the court system that helps assign your assets to the appropriate person or place. These documents can make the process easier and faster. Having a will in place can save heartache between family members and costly legal battles. It is crucial to have a will in place if you have children and are head of the house.

Don’t Have a Last Will and Testament

Believe it or not this happens quite often. Unexpected death occurs and a person is without a St Pete Last Will and Testament. If you pass away and leave behind assets or children, the state is sure to get involved. There can be great legal conflict when no Will is left to dictate the distribution of assets after death. The state will be left to determine distribution of assets. In addition to guardianship of your children.

Setting Up You Last Will and Testament

The Lawyers at Rice Law Group P.A will help you prepare a Last Will and Testament. Creating a Last Will and Testament with an experienced St Petersburg attorney improves the chances that document will stand up in court. A Last Will & Testament is a legally binding document that establishes how your named assets (real property, bank accounts, belongings, etc.) will be distributed at your death. In addition to all other aspects of how you wish your estate to be distributed and followed. Call our St Pete Last Will and Testament Attorney office today: (727) 201-9585