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Accidents involving pedestrians happen while a person is walking on street, sidewalk or in public place. Often these injuries may be minor and the victim may recover quickly. There are also many times when a pedestrian accident results in life changing injuries or death and that is when Rice Law Group will be there to guide you through every step of your case. Young children and the elderly are the two age groups most commonly involved in pedestrian accidents. Rice Law Group P.A of South Pasadena takes Pedestrian accidents very serious and will use our expertise to make sure all victims are fully compensated for losses and injuries sustained during the accident.

Pedestrian Accidents In The United States

Here are some statistics relating to pedestrian accidents throughout the country.

– Almost 5,000 pedestrians are killed annually.
– Approximately 70,000 pedestrians injured yearly
– Children and the elderly majority of victims
– More than 4,000 pedestrians age 65 and over are injured annually
– 700 people over the age of 65 are killed in pedestrian accidents every year
– 40% of pedestrians injured by motor vehicles are under the age of 15
– 8% of pedestrian accidents involving children result in death

Types of Pedestrian Accidents

– Being hit by a vehicle
– Struck by an object
– Backed over by a vehicle
– Poorly designed roadways, placing walkers, joggers and hikers in harm’s way
– Hit by cyclists, either bike or motor
– Uneven walkways or unstable ground contributing to dangerous conditions
– Distracted Driving & Texting
– Left Hand Turns
– Failing to Use Crosswalks Appropriately
– Drunk Driving

Many of these accidents have more than one contributing factor in the pedestrian accident. Both pedestrians and those driving a vehicle on the roadway have a level of responsibility while occupying the roads, sidewalks and walkways. With all of the traffic on our South Pasadena and St Petersburg streets it is best to put down the electronic devices, maps, radios and watch the road. One second is all it takes for a driver to make a mistake and be at fault for a pedestrian accident.

Drivers should pay extra attention for elderly who may not be as focused while using the walkways or crossing roads, and for young small children who might not be as easy to see while on the street.

Who’s At Fault For A Pedestrian Accident

Most of the time the driver of an automobile is the at fault party in a pedestrian accident. However, There are times when a pedestrian may be at fault as well. This occurs when the pedestrian failed to exercise caution while crossing a roadway.

– jaywalking
– ignoring street signs or Law Enforcement
– walking on streets or highways not designated for pedestrians
– children running across street without looking

South Pasadena Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Injuries suffered during pedestrian accidents can be catastrophic. Head, back and neck injuries can be life changing to the victim and family. The attorneys of Rice Law Group P.A, South Pasadena, will thoroughly examine your case and make sure you are compensated for your injuries. When we take your case you pay nothing unless we win. Expert representation for your case without the financial burden. To schedule a free consultation call the offices of Rice Law Group today: (727) 201-9585