Pinellas Drug Crime Lawyer

Make sure you speak with a reputable Pinellas Drug Crime Lawyer after your arrest. Controlled substance crimes make up a large number of the arrests in Florida. With the drug laws in Florida being so severe a charge could be life changing. Florida law sets forth maximum sentences in drug possession cases. For this reason it is imperative that you consult with an expert Pinellas drug crime lawyer about your case. The Attorneys of Rice Law Group P.A will fight to get your charges dismissed or your sentence reduced.

Federal and state laws prohibit the possession, sales, manufacture, and distribution of controlled substances, also known as drugs. Drug charges in the state of Florida should be taken very seriously. An expert criminal defense lawyer is essential to your future. Protecting your rights and future should be the most important at this time.

Drug Offenses in Pinellas:

Drug crimes account for many of the total number of arrests in the state of Florida.

Below are some of the more common charges for arrest:

Drug Possession — having drugs for your own personal use, in your car, house or other location.

Drug Distribution — Charges for distribution also known as trafficking are common in Florida. This occurs when someone is selling drugs or giving them to another person. The packaging of drugs in a certain manner can also initiate distribution charges.

Drug Manufacture — Growing or creating of any illegal drugs. Whether it be plants you grow or crack made in a lab.

pinellas drug crime lawyer

What will you face when charged with drug crimes

– Possibility of a prison sentence

– Large fines

– Probation

– Parole

– Felony charges/criminal record.

– Job Loss

– Seized Possessions

Make sure the first thing you do following a drug related arrest is to call Rice Law Group. Our criminal lawyers are here to help you through this difficult time. We are always available to speak with you and offer Free Consultations. Call us and let us fight for you :( 727) 201-9585