St Petersburg DUI Lawyer

An expert St Petersburg DUI Lawyer is essential after your arrest. If you have been arrested for DUI/DWI in the state of Florida, Rice Law Group P.A should be your first call. An arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both will often lead to criminal charges that could change your life. Above all we are here to fight for you.

Charged With A DUI in Florida

The term DUI refers to driving under the influence. A DUI is a criminal offense that often brings life changing penalties.

DUI Penalties For Florida Drivers

For 1st Offense:

– Driver’s License Revocation

– Imprisonment – 6 months

– Probation – 1 year

– Community Service Hours

– In Addition you may Pay Fines

– Impound Vehicle – 10 days

Second Offense DUI within 5 Years:

– Revocation of Your Driver’s License  – 5 years

– Imprisonment – 9 months

– Mandatory Minimum Imprisonment

– In addition you may Pay a Fine – $2,000

– Impound Your Vehicle – 30 days

At Rice Law Group P.A our experienced Lawyers will fight your drunk driving charges. Make sure you choose an expert St Petersburg DUI  Lawyer to fight for your rights. Our attorneys will work hard to get your charges dismissed or reduced so you can keep your driver’s license.

DUI Charges And Your Case

DUI charges depend on evidence that shows beyond a reasonable doubt you were intoxicated while driving. Our attorneys will work diligently to identify errors in the collection of evidence. Fighting for you and making sure you have the best representation possible is what we do. Do not ignore or accept the charges.

A DUI conviction could mean jail time. The possibility of having your Driving Privileges revoked is very real. As A former Law Enforcement Officer we have experience that is very beneficial to your defense. Therefore increasing your chances of a successful defense.

What Are The Next Steps After My DUI Charge

At Rice Law Group P.A we sit down with each client and have an honest conversation. We advise on the best steps to take and set your defense in action. Furthermore, our attorneys will work to develop a defense that gives you the best opportunity.

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How Can A St Petersburg DUI Lawyer Help Me?

Remember having a drink or two and then driving is not against the law. Florida law says that your blood-alcohol level has to be above .08 BAC or that your normal faculties were impaired. Proper testing is used to identify.

Hire A St Petersburg DUI Lawyer That Will Fight For You

Our St Pete DUI Lawyers are here to fight for you. In addition, we understand that this may be a tough time and you need help.

Contact our St Petersburg drunk driving defense attorneys now to schedule a FREE consultation. Matthew and Former Sheriff of Pinellas County Everett Rice, are here to help you with your DUI/DWI defense. Call Us: (727) 201-9585