Texting Driving Accident Attorney

Texting Driving Accident Attorney

Texting while driving in St Petersburg traffic can lead to car accidents, vehicle damage and bodily injury or death. The term distracted driving refers to any activity that takes the driver’s attention away from the primary task of driving. Texting is on the rise and so are traffic accidents and injuries that are caused by the distraction of these devices.

The act of composing, sending or reading text messages, email or anything on the Web while operating your vehicle is considered a distraction. While campaigns to educate drivers about the dangers of texting and driving have been successful, many drivers in St Petersburg continue to put the lives of those around them at risk by texting and driving. The texting driving accident attorneys of Rice Law Group are here to protect the rights of those injured by this negligence.

Types Of Distracted Driving:

– Adjusting the radio
– Texting
– Beauty (Make Up, Hair)
– Turning Head to Speak with Passengers
– Reading Material
– Eating or Drinking

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that approximately 1.6 million car accidents related to cell phone use occur annually.

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Distracted Driving Prevention:

Not only are Distracted drivers endangering themselves, they also pose a serious threat to the lives of all who share the roadways with them.

Following these helpful tips while driving will allow for less distraction and safe traveling:

Put your cell phone out of reach while you drive

Before you put your car in drive make sure that you are ready. The GPS is set, you chose the right radio station

Grooming has been taken care of

You have finished your lunch or snack

Injured By A Distracted Driver:

Many lives have been changed in a matter of seconds as the result of distracted driving. Drivers who take their eyes off of the road to text a message or read an email put your life at risk. With these negligent actions they have ignored the law and made our highways an unsafe place to be.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a distracted driver you need professional representation to protect your legal rights. The compassionate driving texting accident attorneys of Rice Law Group will advise you throughout your case and make sure you understand the process. Our goal is to make sure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and current and future medical bills resulting from the accident.

Choosing The Right Distracted Driving Attorney: 

Driving while distracted puts everyone at risk. The St Petersburg Distracted Driver accident attorneys of Rice Law Group will make sure those who are injured have expert representation. Our attorneys will make sure those injured by the negligence of the distracted driver are compensated.

Rice Law Group provides no-cost consultations and comprehensive case evaluations to victims of distracted driving. Call us today at: (727) 201-9585